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For Current & Aspiring Dog Training and Behavior Consultant Professionals

Online coaching and in-person options are available depending on where you live.


You can use your coaching package time as needed, and on a flexible schedule to learn:​

  • Behavior modification

  • Understanding the root issue behind the behaviors.

  • Shadowing during client consultations, and phone interviews.

  • Client case review, problem-solving

  • Review specific areas of canine behavior consulting, including history taking, canine body language, breed traits, & medical conditions that can cause behavior issues. 

  • Talk about how to work with difficult clients

  • Review/prep for certification exams

  • And a whole lot more!

Monthly Group Presentations for Dog Professionals:

 Presentations on dog behavior, and more. Each month will be a different subject.

$65 per person 


Quarterly Dog Professionals Round Table:

Sometimes you just need to be with other dog professionals that understand you, people you can share stories with, get support, network, and more! 

$10 to attend per person

On-Going Coaching Options:

This option is for currently certified dog trainers, behavior consultants, & veterinarians

Option 1: Monthly Subscription

$65 a month subscription Includes 2 -15 min. phone coaching sessions & 1 group presentation a month, plus the quarterly dog professional round table, and more!

Value of $200

Option 2: Coaching as needed

Coaching: $50 per 15min.

Group Coaching For Organizations:

If you have a group of dog professionals from a veterinary practice, shelter, training facility, or rescue group, we can do a group coaching/presentation - please contact us today to find out more.



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