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Are you struggling with aggressive, anxious, fearful,
or out-of-control dog behavior that training alone cannot solve?

What I do:

* Identify underlying reasons for the unwanted behavior through behavior analysis.

* Create a personalized behavior change plan

* Use effective, positive approaches to change your pet's behavior

* Help you implement behavior modification strategies

* Monitor your pet's progress and provide follow-up support

* Work with your veterinarian










Step one: Schedule Your Virtual Consultation


A virtual consultation is safer, less stressful and just as successful as an in-person consultation, but If an in-person session is needed, this can be scheduled following the initial consultation.

  • BEFORE THE CONSULTATIONI review your behavior form, which helps me to understand the behavior issues & concerns you have, along with careful observation of videos that you send of your dog's natural day-to-day behaviors, for an accurate assessment & diagnosis.

  • DURING THE CONSULTATION: I will ask you specific questions based on my observations of the behavior form, and videos, and we will discuss the diagnosis, & recommended treatment plan. 

  •  FOLLOWING THE CONSULTATION:I will write up the easy to follow, detailed treatment & behavior modification plan along with a library of attachments that will be emailed to you and your veterinarian. I will follow up with you through email to go over questions and problem-solving and you can email me with questions anytime.  Most of the time a follow-up session is not needed, because once the root issue is diagnosed and treated, the symptoms (unwanted behaviors) can be changed. 

If any follow up in-person or virtual support is needed,

that can be scheduled at a later time.

Dog in Action

A Certified Behavior Consultant is a specially trained expert in the principles of applied animal behavior, to prevent and treat serious behavior issues. I identify and create a plan to help you treat the underlying issue such as an anxiety disorder, that may be driving your dog's actions. 

Virtual Behavior Consultation 
Virtual Consultation $275
If you would like to speak to me first, we can schedule a 10 minute call.
  • Video & behavior form review  

  • 3 progress check-in emails

  • Detailed behavior treatment plan sent to you & your veterinarian for their records.

How to get started

Please click the button below to fill out the behavior form, which takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Once I receive your behavior form, I will email you within 24 hours to schedule your behavior consultation.

 I look forward to working with you!
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