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Prevention is the first step to a Balanced Pack 

Do you have a new rescue dog or puppy in your home, or are you planning on getting one?

Preventing unwanted behaviors begins now!

 This service is meant for BEHAVIOR PREVENTION only, to set your new dog up for success.  If your dog is showing behavior issues already such as fear, aggression, anxiety, etc., has a history of behavior issues before coming to your home, or you have a dog/cat in your home currently that you are concerned about getting along with your new dog please go back to the behavior consultation page and fill out the form for the full behavior consultation service.

- Newly Rescued Dog or Puppy Behavior Prevention Consult -


Option #1 - 30-minute Phone or Zoom Consultation - $50 

This is general behavior info and tips to help get you started on the right path.

Option #2 - If you would prefer a more detailed, personalized behavior prevention plan, or feel you need more support overall -

1 hour $175 Virtual Consult or $275 in-person.

Includes a follow-up plan emailed to you.

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