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Are you struggling with aggressive, anxious, fearful,
or out-of-control dog behavior that training alone cannot solve?

I teach you why the behavior is happening and make specific recommendations on how to make a positive changes.

  • Specialized, compassionate methods using positive reinforcement & reward-based applied behavior modification, focus on creating a respectful, positive relationship between you and your dog(s) with the goal of improving your dog's behavior & mental health.  

  • I help you to understand how a dog naturally thinks, learns, and communicates.

  • Never use force, pain, or fear-based methods.

  • Once the root of the behavior issue is established, positive behavior change is the natural next step.

  • Proven methods work with any issue, any breed.

  • You and your dog(s) get one-on-one attention, and an individualized plan to suit your family and set everyone up for success, through behavior therapy, management tools, canine communication, and behavior prevention.

 - Certified Behavior Consultant -

Specialized, Professional, and Experienced

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Certified, Licensed and Insured

For over 16 years, Joy's personalized empathetic approach to challenging behavior problem solving has helped hundreds of clients work with their beloved dogs to overcome behavior issues. 

The outcome and goal are always the same:  Achieve mentally balanced, happy dogs in and outside of your home resulting in a balanced pack.

  • Honors Graduate of Animal Behavior College - ABCDT, Certified Trainer & Vet Tech Assistant

  • Mentored under a Veterinary Behaviorist for 5 years

  • Owner/operator - behavior consulting business for over 10 years

  • Past Behavior Counselor at Roice Hurst Humane Society, Grand Junction, CO

  • Past behavior specialist at the Kirtland AFB Veterinary Clinic

  • Past lead trainer/behavior specialist Canine Country Club, Albuquerque, NM

  • Continuing education and ongoing certification updates to stay current.

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Manners Training, or Group Classes

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Positive Approach is a local small business that has been in the dog training and daycare business for 20 years. We are the #1 vet-referred training center in the Tacoma area and pride ourselves on providing a safe, well-staffed daycare floor. We invite you to come down with your furry kid and see the Positive Approach difference.

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