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Are you struggling with aggressive, anxious, fearful,
or out-of-control dog behavior that training alone cannot solve?

What I do:

* Identify underlying reasons for the unwanted behavior

* Create a personalized behavior change plan

* Use effective, positive approaches to change your pet's behavior

* Help you implement behavior modification strategies

* Monitor your pet's progress and provide follow-up support

* Work with your veterinarian

I teach you why the behavior is happening and make specific recommendations on how to make positive changes.

  • Specialized, compassionate methods using positive reinforcement & reward-based applied behavior modification, focus on creating a respectful, positive relationship between you and your dog(s) with the goal of improving your dog's behavior & mental health.  

  • I help you to understand how a dog naturally thinks, learns, and communicates.

  • Never use force, pain, or fear-based methods.

  • Once the root of the behavior issue is established, positive behavior change is the natural next step.

  • Proven scientific-based applied behavior methods.

  • You and your dog(s) get one-on-one attention, and an individualized plan to suit your family and set everyone up for success, through behavior therapy, management tools, canine communication, and behavior prevention.

 - Certified Behavior Consultant -

Specialized, Professional, and Experienced

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Certified, Licensed and Insured

For over 17 years, Joy's personalized empathetic approach to challenging behavior problem-solving has helped hundreds of clients work with their beloved dogs to overcome behavior issues. The outcome and goal are always the same:  Achieve mentally balanced, happy dogs in and outside of your home resulting in a balanced pack.

Education and Certification:

Board Certified IAABC Behavior Consultant

Animal Behavior College Certified Trainer

& Vet Tech Assistant 

Past positions/experience:

  • Current business owner and behavior consultant 15+years

  • Canine Behavior Counselor at Roice Hurst Humane Society, Grand Junction, CO

  • Training/behavior consultant and operations assistant at the Kirtland AFB Veterinary Clinic

  • Lead trainer/behavior consultant Canine Country Club, Albuquerque, NM

  • Mentored under a Veterinary Behavior Consultant for 5 years, in Albuquerque, NM

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Looking For

Basic Obedience,

Manners Training, or Group Classes

We Partner with and Recommend


Positive Approach is a local small business that has been in the dog training and daycare business for 20 years. We are the #1 vet-referred training center in the Tacoma area and pride ourselves on providing a safe, well-staffed daycare floor. We invite you to come down with your furry kid and see the Positive Approach difference.

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